The activity of the factory Egregia starts in Volterra, a city of Italy, in Tuscany, of considerable historic and cultural interest, famous for the alabaster manufacture.

The pieces that the factory produces, in recomposed stone, are made of alabaster and marble powder and resin.

The original models of the sculptures have been made by Cav. Arnaldo Giannelli, founder of the firm.

Born in Volterra, in 1907, he was a keen student of sculpture  and graduated from the Royal School of Art. In 1944 he opened his own studio and produced pieces also for the Allied Forces.

In 1953, he was appointed president of the Alabaster Craftsmen Guild, a position he held until 1961, with over 800 associates.

Among his most famous works, we remember the bust for Dwight D Eisenhower, for which he received the American President's personal thanks. Mirko Basaldella, the famous sculptor, commissioned him to make a 3 metres high totem for the Boston University. He also made a bust of the President of  Kenya, commissioned by Professor Fioravanti from Rome.

For his professional achievements, he was awarded the title of  "Cavaliere della Repubblica" in 1970.

In oltre 40 anni di attività, l’impresa ha subito alcune trasformazioni in funzione delle diverse esigenze di mercato e con lo scopo di aggiornare e migliorare i sistemi produttivi, ma restando sempre fedele al processo tipico della lavorazione artigiana italiana. Ogni oggetto prodotto è completamente rifinito a mano e le irrilevanti differenze che si possono riscontrare tra gli articoli non ne diminuiscono il valore ma anzi, sono la testimonianza di un lavoro artigianale.

In over 40 years testify their artisan workmanship. The activity of the firm, today transferred by Arnaldo's son, Alfo, to the third generation of the family, has been always carried out with the purpose of the quality of the product, the respect for the customers, the punctuality in deliveries, the best quality at the lower price. All that has allowed during the years to develop considerably the work and to acquire new customers all over the world: from European countries to America, from Asia to Oceania.

Our large experience is a further guarantee of the seriousness of the firm towards the public.



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